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"Every year my practice is evaluated and brought before a group of esteemed peers who provide feedback and challenge me to reach a new level of practice management. The members of the group truly care about the success of each and every member of this organization."

Dr. Tom Carpenter
Costa Mesa, California

"I can't afford NOT to come to a VMG meeting;  I gain too much from each of them. "

Dr. Dennis Woodruff
Des Moines, Iowa

"Am I performing to my potential? This is the question that bears significant implications for myself, my family, and my staff. It was through VMG 1 that I came to realize that I could do better. The comparison to other practices of my size, the idea exchange for the betterment of all in attendance, and the members goading of me to improve all led to financial and measurable improvements in my practice and fiscal position. I have been a member of VMG 1 since its inception and it has made an immeasurable change in both my business career and life, in general. It could change yours, too."

Dr. James Dee
Hollywood, Florida

I've been in a VMG group for just over a year and feel that I've already gained a lifetime worth of friends.  The boost to my motivation and bottom line in profits hasn't hurt either.  My membership in a VMG has definitely helped my business in more ways than I expected.


Dr. R. Blake Deckard
Indianapolis, IN

"I became a VMG member in 2004 and can't imagine owning veterinary practices without this trusted source of practice management expertise and collegiality.  My fellow VMG members are my most valued source of business and practive management advise.  The financial advantage my practice realizes from VMG, in increased profitability and the numerous preferred provider agreement purchasing opportunities, far outweighs associated costs of VMG membership and my time investment.  I'll be a life-long member!"

Dr. Scott Spaulding
Janesville, WI

"VMG has been like learing Business 101 in a collegial environment.  Sharing the successes and challenges and applying the lessons has proved to be invaluable for my practice and my career."


Dr. Dan Brod
Littleton, CO
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