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In a veterinary hospital, quality clinical care depends on intuitive teamwork in high-stress situations. Your staff must be able to work together efficiently and compassionately under pressure, no matter the extenuating circumstances. In other words, they need to be at their mental and emotional best to provide the best care for patients. This also means that their wellbeing is critical to your hospital’s overall success. 


As we begin to grapple with the incredible shifts in our profession, economy, and society over the past three years, veterinary medicine stands at a crossroads. There’s ample opportunity—a...

By Matthew Salois

As the world’s largest organization of veterinary practice management study groups, the Veterinary Management Groups (VMG) currently help more than 1100 veterinarians that own and lead over 1600...

By Drs. L. Welborn, Dr. S. Loepp and S. Curvey

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