Veterinary Study Groups
Veterinary Study Groups
Veterinary Study Groups

Member-Described Benefits & Value

Financial Benefits & Results

  • Immediate savings
  • Practice  benchmarking
  • Financial analysis
  • Cost savings on goods & supplies
  • Access to resources
  • Adding real value to the practice

Access to Intellectual Capital

  • Brainstorming
  • Problem solving
  • Idea sharing
  • Diversity in perspectives and experiences
  • Networking with thought  leaders
  • Secure list-serve for each  group for communication  between meetings.


  • Development of  a peer-to-peer support network
  • No fear of  competition
  • Positive and  supportive  environment
  • Relationship  building &  networking
  • Participate in  your colleagues' growth
  • Sense of  belonging

Personal & Professional Growth

  • Accountable to your  own professional board  of directors
  • Development of  management and  financial skills
  • Better business  manager and leader
  • Professionally fulfilling, challenging and rewarding Invigorating, motivating, validating

* as VMG members described to a representative of The Whiteboard Team during a 2013 survey Biographical Requirements >>

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