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Why Choose a VMG Hospital

There are many options when selecting a veterinary hospital. There are also many reasons to select a VMG member practice. Whether you’re a seasoned veterinary professional or a recent graduate, working for a VMG hospital means your practice receives the support and resources of a much larger hospital network.

Choose a hospital that offers you ...

  • A built-in community with the highest professional standards
  • Ample opportunity to learn new clinical skills and the art of practice in a real-world environment with exceptional mentorship
  • A culture that focuses on the value of teamwork and appreciates the importance of professional wellness and work-life balance
  • Continuous improvement over “good enough” outcomes for the business (and for patients)
  • A successful business that can afford to invest in modern facilities, state-of-the art equipment, and the best people

With a VMG member practice, you join an organization receiving new resources and actively building stronger approaches from the first day you step foot in the hospital. You will also work under leadership that truly values your time, efforts, and mental wellbeing. Connect with us today to find out which one might be right for you.

" [During COVID], I felt like VMG did a great job for its members getting out really good resources, it seemed like multiple times a week there was somebody doing a webinar about whatever the latest thing was. And that was a lot of where I was gathering my information as we were making decisions about these things. And I kind of felt like oh wow if I... "
15 years in industry

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